ENERGETIC ANATOMY. Practical approach on how to manage the energy through yoga, meditation and pranayama (guided breathing) practice. About 4500 years ago, at the origin of the Yoga science, humanity had not yet investigated the anatomy of the physical body and, nevertheless, they had a very advanced knowledge of energy flows and the concept of balance and health.

From the point of view of Yoga, Vedanta and Samkhya, human being is made up of three bodies, the physical, the subtle and the causal, which are interrelated, and by seven layers, to follow, etheric, emotional, mental, intuitive, spiritual, monadic and cemetery. The energetic structure will allow us to delve into this whole system that also includes the study of nadis, chakras or energy centers and Koshas or wrappings.

POSTURAL ALIGNMENT. Yoga practice guided whose main objective is to establish the correct posture from the anatomical and structural point of view, thus allowing to move towards more complex sequences of yoga asanas in integrity, helping the body to overcome its limits with a good base.

Like everything, it is not what is done, but how it is done. Aligning yourself properly allows you to establish coherence in your life, in a transformative process from the inside out. Alignment must be accompanied by a conscious and transcendent sense of devotion, falling into present moment with deep love, without excuses, as a priority and urgent disposition of BEING.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Energy management and polarity.
  • Energetic anatomy of the human being.
  • Understanding of the way in which our physical symptoms are related to energetic patterns.
  • Emotional unlocking and mental clarity.
  • Advanced breathing techniques.
  • To listen to your body in a global way.
  • Principles of body alignment.
  • Postural basis of key asanas to move towards more complex asanas.
  • Practice of Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) and variations.

Photo : Aral Tasher

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