Back to mother’s womb

This is my first experience participating in a Children Temazcal and it has been amazing and a very sweet experience.

While we were cleaning and preparing it, we found a little toad. The toads are called H’ampatu in the Andean culture and symbolize the Pachamama, the mother earth, a being absolutely venerated and recognized in this culture. We were very happy for the good omen.

The Tmazcales are a  5,000 years ago ancient medicine, practiced by the American Indians as a community form of purification. Thus, this rite is carried out in a construction in the form of an igloo, made with branches or mud. In the center of its interior there is a hole, where later stones previously heated to the fire were summoned. It´s dark and intimacy experience where you can listen to the breath and the beat of the heart Everything is symbolic in the Tmazcal. Nothing by chance. The entrance door is located east of the ancestors and fire, sacred grandfather, in the West of death and transformation. The stones symbolize grandmothers, whom they have listened to and wisely witnessed the passing of life from other beings of not so long-lived destiny. And there is nothing more to do than pray, in the manner of our ancestors, singing, invoking and with a deep conscience on how to express ourselves. Four doors open and four times the grandmothers are called. For the purpose, for the blessing of the feminine waters, for the power and for the one that receives, in this way and in this order, one passes through the great opportunity of being again experiencing what it is to be in the womb of the mother earth and be again, reborn.

So, we do also with boys and girls, in this intimate meeting that tastes old, that it is a practice that continues to be done and be transmitted and where naturally, we are so well.  And somehow one remembers that it is not the first time sited around the fire  communicating with the existence, in those places where you can still light the fire and be far from the city, where you can see stars, feel the grass in your skin, talk in silence watching the fire, with bare feet, relaxed will and courage in contemplation of the mountains. And sharing this experience with boys and girls, in an intergenerational ritual that cleanses the body and it is a balm for the spirit.

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