Work with childhood and teenager in difficult situations

Yoga de Altura actively collaborates with Temazcal Project, with the aim of strength children and teenager capacity of resilience in violent contexts, in the peripheries of La Paz and Cochabamba, Bolivia, through Yoga and Acroyoga, and together with other professionals who lovingly teach artistic and therapeutic workshops.

Childhood is the stage of learning and exploration that marks how they gonna handle in the future and point out the position they will take in face of their experiences. It is a grateful responsibility, to be able to give tools that promote awareness development and allow them to go beyond the victim profile that can settle as a pattern for life.

Thus, Yoga will help them to self-regulate their emotions, to cultivate healthy habits, to question and define themselves ethically and reflexively and to create spaces for the contemplation of the Being. These spaces become indispensable as they allow to put a distance between the person essence and the experiences they live, so a significant personal growth could be achieved as a result of the continued practice of Yoga. The Sanskrit word Yoga means Union and aims to help people to integrate and generate coherence between their thoughts, emotions, body and spiritual processes.

In Yoga classes they learn how to breathe consciously and they move the body to shake painful memories, allowing to pass through violent events lived and go beyond, growing in strength, knowing that life gives many opportunities and they have the key of their lifes.

The knowledge of our ancestors and the ancient science of Yoga are at the service that transcends processes of relaxation and stress management, which, without ignoring such result, are much more and can be a great support for girls and boys who have born in contexts of violence.

Thanks Tmazcal Project.


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