Women, Sacred Medicine of Earth

Starts 2 November, 2018
Ends 4 November, 2018

12:00 - 14:00

Valencia, La Paz

1100 Bs

Quilla Sonqo invites you to the II meeting of Earth Medicine Women. With the permission and blessings of our Pachamama and Father Cosmos, we will share different healing activities based on Circular Medicine, such as: Temazcales, Word Circles, Singing Circles, Master Ceremony Plant, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, etc; oriented to internal growth and to cultivate healthy relationships with ourselves and with all beings.
The love contribution is 1100. Includes: lodging, conscious feeding and all activities. Inquiries: 73098661 Emma, 77276212 Kusi, 70579193 Micaela, 70670335 Bachi
Welcome! ♥

9 de Febrero , La Paz

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