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Thai Yoga massage can be received from the third month of pregnancy. That is fabulous for the baby and the mum connection, in addition to the pelvic, lumbar relaxation, and to regulate emotions. It releases the whole body and the headache, helping to have deeper and repairing dreams.

It is a support space for the mother being accompanied in a a physically, emotionally and spiritually way.

This massage is carried out on one side position and the acupressure are medium intensity, and it is avoiding to touch in points or regions of risk. The use of pillows and supports is very useful.

Later, it is amazing to continue sharing this spiritual practice with the born baby, who feels total calm and familiarity during the massage. In this sense, this practice allows to re-align the body and return to its functions in a natural way after birth.

It is very common that mothers continue to carry their babies in kangaroo and, consequently, back and lumbar resent. The massage will release pains and will accompany the process of returning to inhabit the body. Thus, this therapy is a recommended and safe ally for the health of babies and mothers in this important moment of life.

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